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SkillLogica Online Testing - A quick, reliable, cost-effective, validated and innovative skill assessment solutions for staffing & recruitment, corporate human resources, training, education, government and certification programs.

SkillCheck Pacific Pty Ltd - over 25 years delivering Great Service & Best Prices!


Online Testing - the most popular skill testing & assessment solution

After over 14 years working within the recruitment industry and a further 25+ years supplying skill testing software and online testing services to the wider recruitment and professional HR community, we have rationalized our business activities to a specialist sector.

We do not recommend IKM TeckChek or Qwiz for skill testing services.   First Advantage (US based) is of questionable ethics and not recommended.



  • There are NO AUSTRALIAN-BASED DEVELOPERS of online "candidate skill testing".  (All recognized developers are based in the United States.)
  • All Australian/ New Zealand "suppliers" are "distributors".
  • We cannot unreservedly recommend any supplier/ distributor in Australia.  However, we can direct your enquiry to one very reputable company with excellent product offerings and exceptional customer service.
    CLICK HERE to contact us for a referral.
  • It is important to carefully check what a supplier is offering before making a commitment.  See below.


It is important that, whichever supplier you choose, provide all, or most of these;

  • a service with validated product (ask for their validation report)
  • a service with the latest application versions, such as Microsoft Office, in a full simulation mode, allowing any correct method to complete a task
  • a service with tests which comply with relevant Australian Standards
  • a service which is fit for purpose
  • a service which is multi-user enabled and this function is controlled by you at the your "administrator" level at no additional cost
  • a service with the "end-of-test" URL re-direct to your website home page at no additional cost
  • a service which is not "quota-limited", which means if their arbitrarily imposed annual "quota" is exceeded you will not incur additional subscription costs (if you have been told you have an 'unlimited-use annual subscription' you may find that is not the case.  Ask the question and get it in writing.)
  • a service which does not have a time limit for use of pre-paid meter credits you purchased
  • a service which has all tests listed in the sales offer pre-loaded into the user interface
  • a service which can be easily integrated into your HRM/ ATS system at minimal or no cost
  • a service which automatically delivers comprehensive and easy to understand test reports in PDF, HTML and CSV formats
  • a service with exclusive custom branding with your company logo throughout the entire subscription and on score reports at a minimal cost, if any, and
  • a service which does not blatantly "advertise" their service in the subscription interface


If, after browsing our website, you have any questions, need more information or prices, please send us an e-mail by clicking on THIS LINK.

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